Monday, January 6, 2014

Asia Radio

For those who have an Ipad I wanted to share with you an amazing App I just discovered.  It is called "Asia Radio".  Asia Radio broadcast radio stations in Asia, countries such as Korea, China, Hong Kong & Taiwan, Indonesia, Japan, Philippines, Singapore & Malaysia, India, Thailand, and Vietnam.  I have been listening to the China radio stations, and even favorite some of the ones I liked.  I understand Chinese so I don't have any problem listening to any of the radio stations, but for those who don't understand there are still music stations you could listen to.  You just have to play around and see which ones you like. 

I started listening to the follow if you like to check it out.  But if you are listening in the day time just know that you might not get the regular broadcast because China is 14 hours ahead of us, so they are sleeping.

BBCWS: Live News and Information
94.0: Tangshan Music Radio 94.0
94.8: Suzhou Music Radio 94.8
603: Shaanxi Story Radio 603
711: Zhengzhou Economics Radio 711

Have fun listening!!

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