Monday, January 27, 2014

Pioneer High School gets a visit from a school they visited in China

Our end goals at CACBC is to create friendship between America and China, even if the only lives we touches are the kids in bands, choirs and orchestras. 

Today I am overwhelmed with happiness knowing one of our past schools (Pioneer High School in Ann Arbor Michigan) have done just that.  Their band traveled to China in 2009 under the direction of David Leach, and on that 10 day tour to Beijing and Tianjin, they visited a Tianjin High School as part of their cultural exchange.  Five years later they have continued that friendship through their cultural exchange, and have brought a student delegate from that school to come and visit Pioneer High School. 

It's moments like this that makes what I do so worth it.  To create friendship across continents, to create endless possibilities for what could be achieved.  It makes me so proud of them, so honored to have brought them together.  I wish these two schools good luck in their networking, and their ventures together.

Here is some of their pictures while in China. 
Fun picture shot at the Forbidden City

Performance at the Tianjin Unversity

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